Monday, September 29, 2014

The Buck stops over there...

Now that's leadership.

"Mr. President why didn't you see ISIS coming?"

"It's their fault! Honestly Steve... I can't do everything. There are fund raisers to attend... Jayz and Bouncy are always having parties... and then there are all those golf course to be played. So even if the CIA did brief me about ISIS do you really think I heard them? They should have said it louder."

It is time to attack properly!

Fair warning to GOP candidates, stop the infighting or WE the red state, fly over, worker bees will summarily dismiss your campaign as PART OF THE PROBLEM.

WE no longer want to hear about why you are a better candidate than your fellow GOPer. WE want to hear what your solutions are to:

- ObamaCare
- The Middle East
- The Economy
- The Border
- Rebuilding the Middle Class

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

Ronald Reagan

Translation = Don't trash talk these guys! Or any other candidate that could defeat Elizabeth Warren.

Give us a positive message with ideas because our honesty will prevail over their lies if we don't destroy each other first.