Friday, April 27, 2012

Breitbart needs to get on top of this!

When will Breitbart get on this? Is there a plan in place for Obama to steal the 2012 election?

And look at this one too.   And this one.

We need to know if there is truth in these allegations, so someone please start digging!

The Obama record...

What's not to like?

Here is why the Obama camp has to distract you:

Don't look at that chart! Trayvon was killed by a Hispanic! Women need free birth control! I am much funnier than Romney and will prove it by going on late night shows and the Lezbo shows! I can dance! Republicans want space ships to invade and eat all your pets! Arizona voters aren't smart enough to run their own state! The SCOTUS hates you and doesn't want to give you free health care! Are you a racist!? It is Bush's fault! Rich people suck! I will give you anything you want, just please don't look at that freaking chart!

NBC exposes shocking truth...

A few words from the mental giant - Ann Curry

The horror... Zimmerman has $200,000 in donations to defend himself with! Plus the Martin family is distressed because he claimed to have no assets.

Well... after being wrongfully accused, and incarcerated to appease the mob wanting justice done as they define it, he will need a lot more than $200,000. After Obama takes his cut of the funds, that will leave Zimmerman with about $95,000.

He has to pay his attorney - Wait... he is still entitled to a defense isn't he? Or does the mob just want to take him to a quarry and stone him? - After legal fees he also has to live, in hiding... because the mob wants to kill him because he is Hispanic, black and Jewish. Or maybe they want him dead because he is a registered Democrat.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's another "HOT OFF CHALLENGE"!!!

In this "HOT OFF CHALLENGE" we ask the question - Which dog is hotter? We know they're both bitches, but the win goes to Millie Bush, the Springer Spaniel belonging to W. 

The truth shall set you free!!!


I'm sure Sharpton, Jesse and Obama will be apologizing any moment now. 

When you read the story pay close attention to comments made by one of Zimmerman's black neighbors:

"Let's talk about the elephant in the room. I'm black, OK?" the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. "There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood," she said. "That's why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin."

And why is she scared to identify herself? The poor woman is stating the truth but is afraid of backlash from the militant black community for having the courage to do so. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG when good people are afraid to speak the truth!!!!

Let's also not forget Trayvon was once in possession of a burglary tool (what ever that is), stolen property, and drugs. And no to you dumb asses I intend to annoy, that does not justify his killing, but it does point out that Taryvon was not an innocent little school boy. 

My personal belief is this is more about winning Florida in November, than justice for Trayvon. The libs need to energize their base with anger directed at a false boogeyman, or Obama may lose. They certainly can't energize the voters with promises of four more years of HELL, failed economic policies, or an unconstitutional Obamacare passed by the former constitutional law professor (I think I might ask for a refund of my law school tuition if I were a former student "cause he don't know shit about the law.") 

The question is, will the libs keep riding this story even though Zimmerman can prove he is Hispanic, black, and Jewish, or will they drop the Martin family like used toilet paper when they determine this is not helping them in the polls?

Monday, April 23, 2012

You've been warned.

Fair warning

To these idiots that want to kill Zimmerman - you've been warned - he has proven he knows how to handle a gun. If someone makes an attempt on his life the odds are pretty good there will be a multiple body count.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

R or D, this isn't good.


As much as I dislike President Obama's policies, he is still our President and these guys are paid to protect whomever is in the office.

Along these same lines, I think Ted Nugent is getting a bad rap. His rhetoric was obviously not serious but descriptive like fiction.

As far as our differences with Mr. Obama let's just say this: His vision for our country is not mine, and I feel like he was not honest in his first election.

I also do not feel he is trust worthy or ready for the office even after serving three years. He was sold to the American people in a time of great turmoil, by a democratic party desperate to win. They were so desperate to reclaim the White House they didn't slow down long enough to consider IF they should sell their soul to do it.

People in glass houses shouldn't eat dog.

Dog... it's what's for dinner.

This just shows you the dems will say anything to win. Criticize any action even if they have done worse. I just have one questions for the Obama camp.

How do you want your dog cooked?

Friday, April 13, 2012

We tried to give them one!

                                          Henry                                                             "Toots 2" 

Okay, we tried to give them a victory, but at best I think we have to call this one a tie.
Conservatives take the victory 4-2-1 in our first "hot off challenge"!

Toots falls to a rising star!

 Ann takes down the sour puss!
        Ann Romney                                                       "Toots" Pelosi

Libs pull out a win in epic matchup! Conservatives lead 3-2.

Biel won, but Cindy put up a battle. The Libs, however, just used their strongest player, and it doesn't look good for them. 

    Biel                                                                Crawford

Parker crushes Steinem putting the conservatives up 3-1!

    Parker                                                   "Sweet Lips" Steinem

Another one for our side!

Okay I know this wasn't even a fair fight, but Cupp destroys Rosie despite fighting above her weight class!

Okay... they win this one, but it is close.

           Michelle                                                                                                                     Condi

This is close, but you have to admit, Michelle is a nice looking lady. Condi too, and if we are talking about who is the smartest, it is Condi by a landslide.

We win!

It's a "hot off challenge"! -Who is sexier the libtards or conservatives?
Coulter would be cussing me and begging for a bigger challenge!

    Coulter                                       Rosie

Why should he give to charity? The state will take care of it.

Biden gives 1.5% to charity

This shows a crucial difference in philosophy. They don't give to charity because they believe the state should take care of ALL your needs. It is basic and simple.

"Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money."

Do I have to think of everything?

This is a good campaign sticker but...

If the Obama camp really wants to wage a war over the hearts and minds of the mom vote, Romney should be prepared to counter with a strong argument, like this:

- If the average working family had more tax cuts, more moms and dads could stay home to raise their children!
- If the average working family wasn't having to pay their way, plus the way of the unproductive, more moms and dads could stay home and raise their children!
- Parents should be raising children! Not the state! And if we reduced the tax burden on those working in this great country, more families could do just that!

Honestly... do I have to think of everything? You guys should pay me to advise this campaign.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Now we can all calm down.

Let the justice system take it from here.

Okay he is behind bars. Now the NBPP and the Skin Heads need to go home and let the state of Florida take it from here.

Anymore grand standing from this point will be for obvious political reasons. He is in jail, awaiting trail so EVERYONE just stfu.

Of course my prediction is this calms down for now, then begins escalating again sometime around October just in time to energize the democratic base.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stay strong folks!

This is just gross!

Okay we have officially lost our way. A transgender woman in a beauty pageant? And the media is spinning this as some great advancement in our culture. Let me comfort you some, it isn't and most of the country and World don't think it is.

Most people on this planet want what you and I want. A decent job, health for our families, and good sense to know when idiots are trying to program our thinking into acceptance of the degradation of the human condition. Stay strong folks... don't fall for it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Did the NBPP pick their venue?

Something has been bothering me all day. Why would the NBPP, Jackson, Sharpton and Obama be so vocal about events in Sanford, but silent on the events in Tulsa that are obviously race related.

A black man killed a white boy's father, and two years later the white boy took retribution against an entire race. If the NBPP should be anywhere, they should be in Oklahoma, right?

Then it hit me. First Obama has no shot of winning Oklahoma, so the race baiters have no work to do there. Then there is the numbers game. If this thing escalates, the NBPP would not stand a chance in the Sooner state. Blacks make up only 15% of Tulsa (Only 7% of the entire state), and those red necks out there are armed to the teeth.

Demographics - Tulsa, OK

So they picked a friendlier field to play on. Blacks are 30% of the Sanford population, and 16% of the entire state. Their odds of a fair fight in the streets are better, and if they make enough sound, they may be able to influence how the base votes in November. Remember 2000? Bush vs. Gore - Florida may be the key to the entire election.

Demographics - Sanford, FL

They won't be happy until there is more blood.

I think the NBPP had better be careful what they wish for!

This won't end well.
Just a few of the quotes you will hear:
"Black men are not scared to kill a cracker." "Starve capitalism." "Active war is declared." "Blood must be shed." "You must be stocking up guns." "We must have complete removal of capitalism, it is a racist structure."

Don't forget the President listened to sermons like this for MANY years!

Wright and the Ayres have pushed this agenda. They too want a race war and the destruction of capitalism, and both had a huge influence on Obama.

This is getting very serious now folks. Be careful!

Is this how you want to be governed?

If mobs ruled the world...

Reactionary justice is always right. I know those police in Sanford let Zimmerman go because he is white... wait I mean Hispanic and Jewish ... and poor little Trayvon never did anything wrong... except for being caught with a burglary tool, stolen jewelry and pot.

And no you idiots I hope to annoy, I am not suggesting Trayvon deserved to get shot because he had a few brushes with the law. I am suggesting that these race baiters and reactionary media stfu and let the law enforcement professionals do their job.

And now another example of Obama's do as I say, not as I do leadership: Is he a racist for not employing enough minorities? Or maybe all minority volunteers are too busy telling the state of Florida how to conduct their judicial system.

Excuse me Mr. Koch... can you tell me where you where when Trayvon was killed?

Wow... now the Koch brothers killed poor Trayvon!

I don't know how these people make these claims with a straight face. The Koch brothers... really? How did they contribute to this? By providing jobs and commerce and paying taxes? Maybe they are to blame because they are white and conservative?

I'm not sure if Vann Jones should sftu or keep talking. He does annoy me, but the more he talks the more we have to show just how far left these idiots really are.

The reality - It must be Romney.

This post was written by a reader by the name of Pitchman in response to support for and suggestions to the Romney camp.
There's a difference?

L-R or R-D, the system is bought and paid for. The flight pattern does not change. Unless Ron Paul wins the nomination this will be the most unimportant election ever.

While I admire his conviction, the reality is this... Ron Paul can not win, and would never be allowed to serve as President.

Ron Paul would return the country to the freedom upon which it was founded, or die trying, but a sharp correction like he proposes would be catastrophic.

So I urge Paul supporters to do the following:
Pledge to get behind Romney if he will select either of the Paul's (Ron or Rand) as Secretary of the Treasury.

My argument is this - Paul's strongest platform is in favor of a full accounting of the actions of the Fed. He recognizes that Central Planning begins with Central Banking, and that we were never intended to be a socialist or communist country.
All good so far, but we can not flip a switch, destroy the Fed, and return to an asset backed currency overnight. We currently rely on far too many imports -oil - to do that effectively.

The unstated reason Nixon closed the gold window is because our economy was becoming export driven. Unions drove up labor cost, slave wage labor aboard sucked away our industry, and we stopped harvesting oil at home. Instead we developed a strategy of trading paper for anything anyone would send us.
As long as this dynamic holds, it will continue. We will never unload a ship full of toxic sheet rock from China, then reload the ship with gold and watch as it sails away over the horizon. In short order all our gold would be in the hands of foreigners or blood sucking bankers. Look at Europe for proof. Ask the Greeks where their gold is or who it is pledged to?
The dynamic will change because the dollar will eventually become worthless. Look at history. No reserve currency status last forever. It will end and the US will withdraw and begin manufacturing again. A new asset backed dollar will emerge, and the country will survive with autonomy, at least we hope. The alternative is we become slaves to internationalist like Soros and his ilk. A vote for Obama will ensure this result approaches with great speed.

If, however, Romney could be convinced to include one of the Paul's in his cabinet, the debt enslavement movement could be arrested.
The wing of the GOP that is against Ron Paul's foreign policy will be silenced. The wing that is against his libertarian stance on drug legalization will be sidelined. The majority of Paul's supporters could swing the election toward Romney and get the country started down the proper fiscal path. 
At our juncture, this is the best real possibility. 

I smell a rat!

I miss Breitbart - glad they are still doing good work over there!

Why would anyone be opposed to voter ID laws?

David Gregory is a tool!

David Gregory is such a tool. The NBC crowd is trying to bury Zimmerman.They must hate Hispanics too, or maybe they just lust for Obama.

Dumb Ass - David Gregory

Around the 1:30 mark he asks why the police were so quick to release Zimmerman. I wish his attorney's would say, "Because it is a slam dunk case you idiot. Are you suggesting that the police are so stupid that would release a man who just killed another with there being any doubt as to the circumstances?"

What is more likely is that the Sanford Police know Zimmerman through his association with the neighborhood watch. They also know Trayvon through his minor scrapes and maybe they know more than that. If there is any rush to judgement, it is by the slanted reporting at NBC.

By the way, has anyone noticed how Zimmerman is being painted as a nutt for participating in a neighborhood watch, and repeatedly calling the police when suspicious persons are in the area. Is that a crime? Is it more of crime than possession of drugs or burglary tools or stolen jewelry?

Remember - "Good will become Evil, and Evil will become Good."

Don't believe this! The field is slanted in the other direction.

What a bunch of Bull!

This guy argues that just because you commit a crime doesn't mean you should lose any rights. Uuugghhh...

"Two Americas Separate and Unequal" is this guy's claim. Let me see if I can poke holes in this argument:

1 - If he is so right, how did we ever elect a black President? Blacks represent 17% of our population. So for Obama to win, some white voters had to support him. That wouldn't happen if we were separate and unequal.

2 - Please read the post below "Second is good enough". It tells about two actual graduating seniors in the class of 2012. The valedictorian of the class did not get admitted to MIT. The student finishing second in the class did get admitted. So two students apply. The one with higher grades and scores did not get in. The student with lower grades and scores did.

Same school, same curriculum - there is only one difference between these two students.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A focused opponent.

One side of this conflict is focused.

But I fear the other side, the West and most of Asia, are in denial. Islam is not a forgiving religion, but a brutal, barbaric veil used to oppress women and freedom.

You would think Obama would be suffering with women voters. He has more in common with Islam than with the fundamentals of our Christian heritage. We need to point this out as often as possible.

And the Governor of Florida is going to have to step up on the developments in Sanford.  Obama is not capable of real leadership, and Romney would get criticized for stepping in. It has to be the Governor, and he needs to show up quick.

Add this to your Easter Prayers.

This isn't helping, but remember who stirred it up.

If the Trayvon issue had not been stoked by The New Black Panthers, Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama, these people wouldn't be in Sanford.

Pray it all calms down.

Of course the writer took a jab with this:

Because nothing diffuses racial tension like gun-toting racial separatists patrolling an already on-edge community.
Someone should ask him - who put the community on edge? Who brought national attention to this? Who made threats like - No justice - No peace?

Tulsa Shootings - please pray this doesn't escalate.

I fear there will be more blood.

Pray for a real leader to emerge who won't try to politicize the situation, but calm it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to level the field!

Click  here to be enraged enough to level the playing field.

Trayvons death was tragic. But so too was the death of the student at Miss St, and this girl at UNC. I don't know about you, but I have had enough of this grand standing.

Every time your local paper or television station puts a story about Trayvon on their web site, post a link to the story above. If you don't know how, let me know. I'll be glad to do it for you.

I've had enough of this double standard!

Why not Haley?

Is she the Golden Bullet or a trap?

I like Haley and think she could cross some bridges to those female voters that are swayed by the wind. Don't announce it yet... just leak it and let the libs go crazy with damage control.

Believe it or not, I kinda of like how this is shaping up. The current administration can not walk and chew gum, and the Romney camp isn't giving them a target. Don't be discouraged by today's polls. By October Mitt will be pulling 60%.

Democrats are equal op offenders!

Now they hate Jews! What is a Jewbag?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Uh oh... he missed math class too!

I think they call this cannibalization.

We know he skipped a lot of law classes, but now we find out he doesn't understand math either.

Jessie gives fashion advice.

Jessie gives fashion advice.

Does this hoodie match my furry hat?

Now he goes after Augusta National.

Obama says do as I say, not as I do.

This is blatant pandering intended to excite the lezbo lefties. Seriously, if he had ever been to the Masters he would know they admit women to the tournament, and they look good.

They just don't allow them to be members of the club. 


Democrats aren't racist?

Somebody forgot to tell Marion Barry.

An excellent comment!

This EXCELLENT comment was posted by a reader on Wednesday. It is too good not to share:

I sent a note to Romney yesterday: get the author of Hunger Games on board to use the story to make a point. Open the campaign with a speech using the terms hunger games, capitol & districts. 

"Mr. President, we don't want the 'Capitol' telling us what to eat, or what medical procedure we can have. We don't want the 'Capitol' telling the 'Districts' what to manufacture, or what industries can live or die. We don't want the 'Hunger Games' in America."

Anyone that's read the book or seen the movie (a lot of our youth) will get the point. The parallels are striking, and the hero in the story is the rebellion against the government - perfect timing to draw that distinction and kick off a campaign to highlight the difference in our two choices...

Was he absent from law school the day they taught law?

Was he absent from law school the day they taught law?

Either he is really dumb, or he is crazy like a fox. Rush thinks he is once again trying to connect to the dumb ass voters that elected him. Rush's theory is all they will hear are Obama's words and that the dumbest among us will be enraged when the court bitch slaps Obamacare.

They will rally around their leader and band together to re-elect their guy to change the structure of this unfair court. I predict this will become central in the campaign.

He has a history of doing this. The Trayvon case comes to mind. A true leader wouldn't stir up and divide the country like this. Only a person hell bent on destruction would.

Slip of the tongue?

Slip of the tongue?

I don't know about you but I ALWAYS do that. Sure I was raised in Christian schools but so was he... right?

Oh I'm sorry I forgot, he was raised a muslim, by muslims in muslim countries. So why would anybody ever question his true core?

Sure he went to that wacko church in Chicago, but that was because all those people vote.

Nothing to see here... move along.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second is good enough...

Where is the fairness?

My son graduates high school this year. While he is an exceptional student and leader, he will most likely graduate third or fourth in his very skilled class.

The student who will graduate number one in his class will attend Georgia Tech. His dream was to attend MIT, but he was not accepted.

The student that will graduate second in this class is attending MIT. His grades and test scores are lower, but he was accepted at MIT, Stanford and Harvard. He is a great kid and deserving, but so is the boy that is gradutating on top.

There is one differnce in these students. Care to guess what it is?

Democrats hate people who drive!

Coke caves showing no back bone. No more Coke products in our house.

Will Walmart hold up? You know the Koch brothers will! They ain't scared of nothin' but the damage this President is doing to this country.

Dems hate people who drive!

What a stupid stance! You need a license to drive, hunt or fish. You need a passport to travel from country to country. You need a student ID to attend classes at any university in the country. You need an ID to cash a check, but the Dems want anyone to be able to vote without proof of their identity. What are they scared of?

This just in... Democrats hate Hispanics!

See, I told you the Democrats hate Hispanics! RACIST!

Nice hat toots!

Gitmo still in full swing after broken promises.

Wait this isn't possible... because in 2008 Obama promised to shut down Gitmo... right?

Did he promise to shut down Gitmo? And if he did and broke that pledge, what does that make him?

Time to leak some roster spots.

Mitt's team!

In this unusual race it may be wise to leak a glimpse of the roster to bolster spirits. Here are some suggestions.

VP - Condi, Rubio or Allen West

Sec. State - NEWT!
Sec. Defense - Sam Nunn or Condi
Sec. Treasury - Ron Paul - this would scare the living shit out of the socialist!

Time to turn it up - we need more of this!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Does Obama know that I fart in his general direction?

I just don't think he gets it.

He is now telling the press how he wants them to carry the water:

Obama actually said 20 years ago his ideas would have been centrist?

Will this be the next Trayvon?

Not sure about all the facts, but the responding officers were told the suspect was armed and had flashed a gun.

Will the race baiters spin this tragic event too?

Pasadena police shoot an unarmed suspect.

The Today Show is a work of lib fiction.

If you get your news from the Today Show you are flying blind. Those assholes lie and distort, and this time they got caught stirring the race hate with Matt's stick: NBC says they are sorry... that they got caught.

Mix a stiff one before you look at this!

What the hell are these people thinking?

I think it is very clear the Republicans need to do a few things:

1 - Quit beating each other up! Beat up Obama!
2 - Stop getting sucked into birth control debates.
3 - Stop getting baited on race matters. The race traders will be exposed for the whores they are soon enough, and the white swing vote isn't gonna sink the country over guilt or style... at least I hope they won't.

Who elected this guy?

Peggy Noonan was right. They are just creepy: Michelle sells the children

So he did at very least learn that the SCourt is not elected. Very good Barrack, now let's go back over the Constitution: Prez puts the Court in their proper place.

So we shut down NASA, which was working, and loaned money to Solar Companies that don't? Another great decision by team Obama

What did they see in this guy? I know he sold a line of BS about Hope and Change. I know he promised to shut down Gitmo, end the Iraq war, and provide health care to everyone. So some people were sucked in by the pitch for Utopia.

Now grow up!

In 2008 fashion swept the youth vote to his camp, and the female vote went to the younger more attractive person. Let's hope they are not as shallow now with the very survival of the country on the line. Savage - it is do or die time

Keep swinging Paul! Call him out on every lie: And he won't back down!

I'm sure Mr. Obama will be speaking shortly to address this tragic death: I'm sure Jackson and Sharpton will speak up about this too!

I watched a few minutes of this speech and Obama sounded like a conservative talking about private sector solutions. Be sure to point out to all your friends - don't listen to his words, watch his actions! The part about not being able to launch weather satellites is funny considering he killed NASA to pump solar: Get ready for more of this before November.