Friday, March 30, 2012

A report from our White House mole.


Obama (Standing while he practices his putting stroke.)- David how are the poll numbers looking?

Axlerod - Mr. President there is a growing number that views the administration as being.... well... incompetent. Gas prices are hurting the American people, it appears the Court is going to destroy your main achievement calling it unconstitutional. There are some that think a former professor of Constitutional law should have known this...

Obama (Straightening from his putting stance showing his offense.)- Watch it David.

Axelrod - Sir popularity in your base is surging due to the Trayvon Martin issue, but your support among white swing voters is dropping... rapidly. It might be time to address the nation about violent crime in general. Maybe we could could mention the other case in Florida involving the two British students.

Obama (He is pacing now showing a look of concern.) - Hmmm... that is an interesting idea. Tell me... can British citizens vote in our general election?

Axlerod (A stunned look appears on his face like he is not sure if the President is being serious.) - Uhhh no sir. They are not US citizens, and they can not run for office either....

Bill Ayers (He is sitting in the President's chair smoking a bong off the desk. He exhales.) - Move along David.

Stuff some donuts in her mouth!

Somebody go get a half ton of Dunkin' Donuts and shut this b**** up! Does Roseanne hates Hispanics - ?RACIST!

Better make it a full ton: Oprah weights in - does she hates Hispanics too? - RACIST!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Toots speaks!

I was wondering how long it would take Toots to speak up.

Pelosi stomps her feet and pouts!

It's okay sugar lips... we know you chicks don't get into all those laws and stuff. You just go see your plastic surgeon and don't worry your pretty little plastic head about this. The men will take of it.

Must watch video.

Zimmerman's dad feels the hate from Obama.

So if Zimmerman is half Jewish and half Hispanic, does that mean Obama hates both races? RACIST!

Maxine Waters - I wish she would stfu!

Remember this is all about distraction. The longer they can suck the air out of the news cycle using Tayvon's tragic death, the less time there is to talk about the utter failure of the Obama Presidency.

And now this new Twitter account is found: Trayvon's second Twitter account.
What a nice young man! You know in this photo he kinda does look like President Obama. At least the gesture Trayvon is flashing is the same one the administration is showing to the entire country.

The hits keep on coming...

Man the hits just keep on coming... this President is so popular with his own party that his budget proposal was defeated in the House 414-0! That's right, not even the Democrats would get behind him.

Spin this Axlerod:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Support C. L Bryant

Okay this man is speaking the truth and needs our support: C. L. Bryant gets it!

Please email this man and show your support.

What if Obama care is kicked to the curb?

If a Constitutional lawyer is elected President, can he find his butt if it has a bell on it?

Apparently not. Obama care is on the verge of being struck down by the SCOTUS; Read Thisthis and this. I guess he was absent from law school on the day they taught law.

And the Democrats are already scrambling for spin control. Harry Reid is already trying to convince us this helps Obama's reelection prospects, and James Carville is pitching the same bullshit.

Wow the losses are starting pill up and I need your help. Let's build a pro vs. con list for Obama.

For example:

Passing Obama Care - Con                                                 Killing Bin Laden - Pro

Try to be objective. I don't see much to vote for in this empty suit, but maybe you can convince me. Post your responses below.

A picture worth over 1.6 billion words... or dollars...

Who can come up with the best caption?

Spike Lee stupid

This just in;

Spike Lee is dumb and anti Hispanic... and he hates old people: Spike Lee stupid

Tayvon supporters represent his memory in shinning example of citizenship: Flash mob ransacks store

What would a real leader do? Calm the situation or stir it up?: Can Obama do ANYTHING right?

This Democrat wants Zimmerman arrested... does she hate Hispanics? Like that hat Toots

This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Obama shills say the Republicans are politicizing this. Warning don't click this story unless you can handle pure BS! What a bunch of losers!

Of course Maxine "Socialist" Waters would chime in: Hispanic killing Black is a hate crime Here is an idea Maxine, why don't you STFU!

Isn't this dignified: Hoodies on the Hill

It took 32 hours for someone to drop the R bomb.

I was wondering how long it would take for a complete stranger to label me racist for these postings. It did take a bit longer than was anticipated, but the R bomb got thrown Tuesday afternoon. This blog was started on Monday.

Okay for the record - I would campaign for and vote for any of the following people for President.

Condi Rice
Allen West
Herman Cain

Why? Because I agree with them politically. They believe in limited government and self reliance. They don't believe in making the US a socialist Nanny State. (At least any more than it already is.) They believe this is the greatest country on the planet and this experiment called the USA offers more freedom for upward mobility than any other.

There... I judged them on the content of their belief, and would proudly vote for any one of them.

So why wouldn't I support Obama? Believe it or not it has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin.

The reasons are many, but the biggest is I think he is a hustler.

He trades on the lowest level of human emotion, and never tries to build people up. There is always someone else to blame. The rich, Bush, the House, oil speculators, the Israelites, and now those evil Hispanics just trying to keep their neighborhood safe.

He believes he knows better than me how to run my life, and he attracts and baths in the waters of the collectivist. In his utopia, everyone drives an electric car, consumes 1500 calories a day (except for he and Michelle) and the World is governed by a few progressive thinkers that will decide the course of humanity. Your humanity... your needs.

No thanks... I think we've had enough of that course, and the sooner we all understand there is no utopia, and that the government does not exist to provide for your every want, the better off we will be.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is this really about?

Wait a minute... this can't be right... innocent little Trayvon "swung on a bus driver".

Link here: Twitter tells all

And this explains how little Trayvon was not as innocent as the libs would have you believe: Is it whitey's fault that Trayvon got suspended... more than once?

Not for one second am I suggesting that Trayvon's death is not tragic. It is... very awful.

I suspect this has become more about marketing than the truth or the fact that libs wet their pants for an opportunity to cry RACIST! I think it also has a lot to do with stirring up Obama's base for November. His Presidency is in free fall and no one has a parachute to give him.

Gas prices are sky high, jobs are low, the economy is teetering, and his crown jewel - health care - is about to become the laughing stock it should be. Once the Supreme Court decides the Feds can not force you to buy anything.... Obama will have NOTHING! His Presidency is coming apart.

Don't discount this theory. If the base can be stirred up and made violent, then Obama can address the nation and calm the situation with his magic words....

Then the white guilt or white scared vote may fall his way again. This won't work, but it is really all he has left in the tank.

How long before the gun control issue sneaks into this argument?

Also there is a poll that said 73% of respondents think the shooter should be arrested. Watch over the next few days as that number plummets to Earth with the revelation of the facts.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Show me the money!

Now the Black Panthers are offering a $10,000 bounty for Trayvon's killer. I think we'll need to see the cash before turning him over.

Link here: Black Panthers Offering $10,000 for Zimmerman.

When will Obama comment on this?

I am waiting on President Obama to make comments on this tragedy. Why wouldn't he? He made the point to comment on the Trayvon case, so surely he will have something to say about this. Right?

Link to the story: Mississippi State student shot to death.

Sanderson was transported by ambulance to Oktibbeha County Hospital Regional Medical Center around 10:20 and was declared dead there at around 11:30 p.m. 

Evans Hall, which houses about 300 male students, has security cameras at each entrance. That video footage has been downloaded and turned over to police. Dorm residents have to go through three separate key card entrances before reaching a residence room.  

Three African American male suspects reportedly fled the scene in a blue Crown Victoria. Authorities believe the suspects fled the campus and probably the city of Starkville. Twenty four students from adjacent rooms were relocated after the shooting primarily to preserve the crime scene. A gun was recovered on campus but authorities did not say where it was found. 

Read more:

Of course our Asshat President will never touch this Mississippi issue because he has no shot of winning that State in November. He is dipping into the Trayvon mess to try and salvage Florida, not because he gives a hoot in hell about Trayvon or anyone else. He is far to ego-centric to care about anyone or anything other than his own re-election.