Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wake up black America!

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Who said anything about rolling back anyone's right to vote Al?

One aspect of the blind devotion by black America to the democratic party has always puzzled me.

In basic economic theory, if you wanted more of a product, you would subsidize it. This is the thinking behind farm subsidies. We need more corn, so we assist the farmer in the risk of planting a crop by offering a minimum payment. The result is we grow more corn.

So let's apply that thinking to poverty. If you wanted to create a class of poor people that would be indefinitely dependant on your party to provide monthly checks, what would you do? Subsidize poverty,... right? Pay people enough to eat and live in a minimal existence, and keep them there. Keep paying them to grow more poverty.

Don't ever allow them to see the fresh air of freedom or they may become successful and break away from the master's chains of handouts. It is an insidious plan, and the black community of this country has been sold down the river by the democratic party. This was not for the benefit of the black community. It was for the empowerment of the democratic party and their race hustlers. Wake up black America!

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