Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Come on you Cheese Heads... DO THE RIGHT THING!

Wisconsin becomes center of the political universe today, and here is my prediction. If Walker wins, the lead story on NBC tonight will be about Obama winning the California primary.

The Walker win, if there is one, will be no higher than third.

First Jesse gets involved, Then comes Van Jones.

And one other thing I want to point out; remember in the last election when Jesse said he was going to "cut Obama's nutts off"? I have a theory that slip was intentional. We have a saying around here in political circles that goes like this: "I'll be for ya, or against ya,... which ever one helps you most."

Jesse came out against Obama to make him more appealing to the swing voters. His charge was absolutely meaningless because, as we have discovered, there are no nutts to be cut off.

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