Sunday, June 3, 2012

Understanding Obama

The key to breaking the code to this complete failure lies somewhere in the following analysis.

This President is running on a campaign theme of FORWARD, but is constantly pointing back to lay blame on Bush or Republicans.

This man allowed a publisher to advertise him as Kenyan born for over 14 years, but scoffs at the birther movement.

This man attacked his opponent for being a successful venture capitalist, then raised money from venture capitalist less than 24 hours after opening fire.

This man claims it is the Federal Government that should manage health care, but defers to the States when a tough question like gay marriage is on his plate.

Speaking of health care, this man was a professor of Constitutional Law, but his crowning legislative accomplishment is about to be ruled UN-Constitutional... makes you think huh?

This man campaigned on ending torture, but doesn't mind assassination.

This man promised to close Gitmo, but hasn't.

This man called it irresponsible to vote to raise the debt ceiling when he was a US Senator, but has requested the ceiling raised by $6-trillion since being elected less than four years ago.

This man's wife was never proud to be an American, until her husband was within reach of the White house.

This man and his wife have shown disdain to our flag, constitution, and allies.

In short, this man was a blank slate when enough of our populous was conned into voting for him, and now he ain't much more. No back bone, no courage, no real conviction... not even bad conviction, at least that we could define and even respect as wrong.

No he is a weak blob of non-committal flash and grin. He was sold as cool to our youth, but they too are beginning to see, weak ain't cool, and tough ain't easy or always popular. Let's chalk it up as lesson learned and let the Obama's begin the important work of building their Presidential Library.

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  1. So who are you going to vote for in 2012? Obumney or Rombama?