Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is this really about?

Wait a minute... this can't be right... innocent little Trayvon "swung on a bus driver".

Link here: Twitter tells all

And this explains how little Trayvon was not as innocent as the libs would have you believe: Is it whitey's fault that Trayvon got suspended... more than once?

Not for one second am I suggesting that Trayvon's death is not tragic. It is... very awful.

I suspect this has become more about marketing than the truth or the fact that libs wet their pants for an opportunity to cry RACIST! I think it also has a lot to do with stirring up Obama's base for November. His Presidency is in free fall and no one has a parachute to give him.

Gas prices are sky high, jobs are low, the economy is teetering, and his crown jewel - health care - is about to become the laughing stock it should be. Once the Supreme Court decides the Feds can not force you to buy anything.... Obama will have NOTHING! His Presidency is coming apart.

Don't discount this theory. If the base can be stirred up and made violent, then Obama can address the nation and calm the situation with his magic words....

Then the white guilt or white scared vote may fall his way again. This won't work, but it is really all he has left in the tank.

How long before the gun control issue sneaks into this argument?

Also there is a poll that said 73% of respondents think the shooter should be arrested. Watch over the next few days as that number plummets to Earth with the revelation of the facts.


  1. This is a bad situation made worse by people manipulating it for their own gain. This includes the President.

  2. Oh, terrible. A highschool kid who gets suspended from school. I was expelled... And never committed a crime. I love how you scratch anything for an excuse on "whitey doing a runner" (or a gunner I may say), but the truth is you're a racist and a gun nut. Sorry.

    1. And you are big part of the problem. I am not a racist. I am shedding light onto a situation where one minority shot another. But the situation is being hijacked to fulfill an agenda.

  3. Cracker. These redneck assholes gona get theirs. We had enough of this shit and we dont gota take no more.