Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spike Lee stupid

This just in;

Spike Lee is dumb and anti Hispanic... and he hates old people: Spike Lee stupid

Tayvon supporters represent his memory in shinning example of citizenship: Flash mob ransacks store

What would a real leader do? Calm the situation or stir it up?: Can Obama do ANYTHING right?

This Democrat wants Zimmerman arrested... does she hate Hispanics? Like that hat Toots

This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Obama shills say the Republicans are politicizing this. Warning don't click this story unless you can handle pure BS! What a bunch of losers!

Of course Maxine "Socialist" Waters would chime in: Hispanic killing Black is a hate crime Here is an idea Maxine, why don't you STFU!

Isn't this dignified: Hoodies on the Hill


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  2. The truth can be hard for some but what is happening in fla is wrong. That young man would alive had he not been aggressive with the watchman.