Monday, April 9, 2012

Did the NBPP pick their venue?

Something has been bothering me all day. Why would the NBPP, Jackson, Sharpton and Obama be so vocal about events in Sanford, but silent on the events in Tulsa that are obviously race related.

A black man killed a white boy's father, and two years later the white boy took retribution against an entire race. If the NBPP should be anywhere, they should be in Oklahoma, right?

Then it hit me. First Obama has no shot of winning Oklahoma, so the race baiters have no work to do there. Then there is the numbers game. If this thing escalates, the NBPP would not stand a chance in the Sooner state. Blacks make up only 15% of Tulsa (Only 7% of the entire state), and those red necks out there are armed to the teeth.

Demographics - Tulsa, OK

So they picked a friendlier field to play on. Blacks are 30% of the Sanford population, and 16% of the entire state. Their odds of a fair fight in the streets are better, and if they make enough sound, they may be able to influence how the base votes in November. Remember 2000? Bush vs. Gore - Florida may be the key to the entire election.

Demographics - Sanford, FL


  1. You are brilliant person! I am forwarding this site to all my friends. Please keep the analysis and comments coming.

  2. All cattle, no hatApril 9, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    As an Oklahoma resident I can confirm you have a solid point. They don't want to tussle around with us, and I really don't think they want any of those Florida boys from the Pan Handle either. I've been down there and that crowd won't roll over for some big talk from a sista and wannabe gansta. Besides, they can't organize anything but an orgasm.

  3. These little black bitches don't want a fight, unless they think they can bully you. Trayvon thought he was gonna beat up Zimmerman, but he made big mistake taking skittles to a gun fight.

    No these punk ass bitches will run for the trees if they ever squared up against equal force. They just want you to be scared enough not to vote or fight back. I say bring it you bitches.