Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't believe this! The field is slanted in the other direction.

What a bunch of Bull!

This guy argues that just because you commit a crime doesn't mean you should lose any rights. Uuugghhh...

"Two Americas Separate and Unequal" is this guy's claim. Let me see if I can poke holes in this argument:

1 - If he is so right, how did we ever elect a black President? Blacks represent 17% of our population. So for Obama to win, some white voters had to support him. That wouldn't happen if we were separate and unequal.

2 - Please read the post below "Second is good enough". It tells about two actual graduating seniors in the class of 2012. The valedictorian of the class did not get admitted to MIT. The student finishing second in the class did get admitted. So two students apply. The one with higher grades and scores did not get in. The student with lower grades and scores did.

Same school, same curriculum - there is only one difference between these two students.

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