Monday, April 9, 2012

The reality - It must be Romney.

This post was written by a reader by the name of Pitchman in response to support for and suggestions to the Romney camp.
There's a difference?

L-R or R-D, the system is bought and paid for. The flight pattern does not change. Unless Ron Paul wins the nomination this will be the most unimportant election ever.

While I admire his conviction, the reality is this... Ron Paul can not win, and would never be allowed to serve as President.

Ron Paul would return the country to the freedom upon which it was founded, or die trying, but a sharp correction like he proposes would be catastrophic.

So I urge Paul supporters to do the following:
Pledge to get behind Romney if he will select either of the Paul's (Ron or Rand) as Secretary of the Treasury.

My argument is this - Paul's strongest platform is in favor of a full accounting of the actions of the Fed. He recognizes that Central Planning begins with Central Banking, and that we were never intended to be a socialist or communist country.
All good so far, but we can not flip a switch, destroy the Fed, and return to an asset backed currency overnight. We currently rely on far too many imports -oil - to do that effectively.

The unstated reason Nixon closed the gold window is because our economy was becoming export driven. Unions drove up labor cost, slave wage labor aboard sucked away our industry, and we stopped harvesting oil at home. Instead we developed a strategy of trading paper for anything anyone would send us.
As long as this dynamic holds, it will continue. We will never unload a ship full of toxic sheet rock from China, then reload the ship with gold and watch as it sails away over the horizon. In short order all our gold would be in the hands of foreigners or blood sucking bankers. Look at Europe for proof. Ask the Greeks where their gold is or who it is pledged to?
The dynamic will change because the dollar will eventually become worthless. Look at history. No reserve currency status last forever. It will end and the US will withdraw and begin manufacturing again. A new asset backed dollar will emerge, and the country will survive with autonomy, at least we hope. The alternative is we become slaves to internationalist like Soros and his ilk. A vote for Obama will ensure this result approaches with great speed.

If, however, Romney could be convinced to include one of the Paul's in his cabinet, the debt enslavement movement could be arrested.
The wing of the GOP that is against Ron Paul's foreign policy will be silenced. The wing that is against his libertarian stance on drug legalization will be sidelined. The majority of Paul's supporters could swing the election toward Romney and get the country started down the proper fiscal path. 
At our juncture, this is the best real possibility. 


  1. Romney may have already promised Paul that he will audit the Federal Reserve or presumably something else. Notice that during the debates Paul and Romney never attacked each other.

  2. Forrest Gump - "A promise is a promise Lt. Dan."

  3. But we would still prefer to have him in the cabinet.