Friday, April 27, 2012

NBC exposes shocking truth...

A few words from the mental giant - Ann Curry

The horror... Zimmerman has $200,000 in donations to defend himself with! Plus the Martin family is distressed because he claimed to have no assets.

Well... after being wrongfully accused, and incarcerated to appease the mob wanting justice done as they define it, he will need a lot more than $200,000. After Obama takes his cut of the funds, that will leave Zimmerman with about $95,000.

He has to pay his attorney - Wait... he is still entitled to a defense isn't he? Or does the mob just want to take him to a quarry and stone him? - After legal fees he also has to live, in hiding... because the mob wants to kill him because he is Hispanic, black and Jewish. Or maybe they want him dead because he is a registered Democrat.

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