Thursday, April 5, 2012

An excellent comment!

This EXCELLENT comment was posted by a reader on Wednesday. It is too good not to share:

I sent a note to Romney yesterday: get the author of Hunger Games on board to use the story to make a point. Open the campaign with a speech using the terms hunger games, capitol & districts. 

"Mr. President, we don't want the 'Capitol' telling us what to eat, or what medical procedure we can have. We don't want the 'Capitol' telling the 'Districts' what to manufacture, or what industries can live or die. We don't want the 'Hunger Games' in America."

Anyone that's read the book or seen the movie (a lot of our youth) will get the point. The parallels are striking, and the hero in the story is the rebellion against the government - perfect timing to draw that distinction and kick off a campaign to highlight the difference in our two choices...

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  1. There's a difference?

    L-R or R-D, the system is bought and paid for. The flight pattern does not change. Unless Ron Paul wins the nomination this will be the most unimportant election ever.