Monday, April 9, 2012

David Gregory is a tool!

David Gregory is such a tool. The NBC crowd is trying to bury Zimmerman.They must hate Hispanics too, or maybe they just lust for Obama.

Dumb Ass - David Gregory

Around the 1:30 mark he asks why the police were so quick to release Zimmerman. I wish his attorney's would say, "Because it is a slam dunk case you idiot. Are you suggesting that the police are so stupid that would release a man who just killed another with there being any doubt as to the circumstances?"

What is more likely is that the Sanford Police know Zimmerman through his association with the neighborhood watch. They also know Trayvon through his minor scrapes and maybe they know more than that. If there is any rush to judgement, it is by the slanted reporting at NBC.

By the way, has anyone noticed how Zimmerman is being painted as a nutt for participating in a neighborhood watch, and repeatedly calling the police when suspicious persons are in the area. Is that a crime? Is it more of crime than possession of drugs or burglary tools or stolen jewelry?

Remember - "Good will become Evil, and Evil will become Good."

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