Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who elected this guy?

Peggy Noonan was right. They are just creepy: Michelle sells the children

So he did at very least learn that the SCourt is not elected. Very good Barrack, now let's go back over the Constitution: Prez puts the Court in their proper place.

So we shut down NASA, which was working, and loaned money to Solar Companies that don't? Another great decision by team Obama

What did they see in this guy? I know he sold a line of BS about Hope and Change. I know he promised to shut down Gitmo, end the Iraq war, and provide health care to everyone. So some people were sucked in by the pitch for Utopia.

Now grow up!

In 2008 fashion swept the youth vote to his camp, and the female vote went to the younger more attractive person. Let's hope they are not as shallow now with the very survival of the country on the line. Savage - it is do or die time

Keep swinging Paul! Call him out on every lie: And he won't back down!

I'm sure Mr. Obama will be speaking shortly to address this tragic death: I'm sure Jackson and Sharpton will speak up about this too!

I watched a few minutes of this speech and Obama sounded like a conservative talking about private sector solutions. Be sure to point out to all your friends - don't listen to his words, watch his actions! The part about not being able to launch weather satellites is funny considering he killed NASA to pump solar: Get ready for more of this before November.

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